Can I make my changes to the website after it is built?

There is a very broad answer to this question because every company uses differentiated mediums to create a website. But first, let us know the type of changes that we can make to a website after it is built.

There are two concepts;

Website revamping

Given that you are satisfied with the current page format of your website, and would like to edit some details to improve its ranking on Google page, you should go for website revamping. The software used to revamp includes WordPress, Drupal web builder program, etc.

Website redesigning Or rebranding

Website rebranding is a lengthy process that includes a high cost. However, it is not entirely changing the structure but including some new features to meet fresh marketing goals or make it compatible with other devices. Usually, organizations prefer website redesigning win their target is to improve customer experience with the page interface.

Website revamping is a more economical option than website redesigning because of the low cost and time constraint required.

Here is a step-by-step process to rebrand;

  • Plan a new page format into the new domain name
  • Redirect
  • Upgrade the web page and personalize the content structure
  • Create new meta descriptions
  • SEO optimize

Although these steps might not look complicated to follow, unless you are an exceptional person, it is impossible to revamp a website without the help of professionals.

It is always a good decision to redesign the website to meet industry standards and current trends to generate more traffic to the web page. However, since the ultimate goal is to create a live page that pleases people, their preferences need to be considered.

You should always keep in mind the following when strategizing website redesign format;

  • How familiar customers would feel coming back to the website.
  • The amount of content and information available on the main page and other subcategories.
  • Eliminate confusion by keeping a few elements on the main page similar to those of the previous website.

Besides customer preferences, search engine optimization and the SEO score of the website also affect the decision to redesign since the SEO score can increase or decrease, affecting the ranking on the Google page. After making all necessary changes, you must republish the site to monitor how the changes look. The website is live now and can hamper some traffic that is being generated at the moment while you republish it only for the sake of checking whether the new features look as good as you had imagined them to be.

Doing it yourself while keeping the website live is another challenge. You should always outsource professional help that guarantees complete compliance with your requests on how to revamp or rebrand over a page well suited for your business.