Can you help with SEO for other tourism or hospitality businesses? Or hospitality businesses?

Search engine optimization is essential for every website, and we can provide it for all types of travel tourism, and hospitality businesses. Whether it is a hotel, villa, resort, restaurant, or any other niche in the tourism or hospitality industry, we can get it done for you!

Because of how lucrative the travel and tourism industry is, it is very difficult to compete in a market against others. We can prove this with the help of a simple example. When you Google “trip to Singapore” one of the first results is from websites like MakeMyTrip, Pick your Trail, etc. These are popular websites and SEO has helped them rank so well even in terms of advertisements, and website home pages.

We use the following trending strategies for the post-pandemic audience that is ready to explore and indulge in a world of adventure;

Optimizing Google business profile

Generally, you would expect your page to rank well on Google only, but isn’t it wonderful to have your hotel, villa, or hospitality business page show up on a Map pack? This can be done with geographically accurate and relevant keywords as per the search words of your customers.

We also optimize your profile listings on other search engines than Google. Including frequently asked questions, reviews of places with the names, and the remaining active on the official review section of a Google page are other popular SEO strategies we rely on.

Focus on both brand image and the travelers’ priorities

Your website should give off an authoritative vibe while maintaining a friendly tone so that the travelers trust you and are content with the details you provide them. We consider the attractive destinations in an area, the closeness of popular tourist spots to the hotels you offer, restaurant options, etc.

Because a traveler has already done their homework by looking up all the destinations they would like to visit on their trip, they are more likely to choose an agency whose web page has all the places of their preference listed. This is why we have a more holistic content strategy approach that is used to generate data to understand and include interest-based content.

Prioritize data research and collection

The travel industry is all about gathering trending data about the places people like visiting the most. Gathered data over the past few months can help us include keywords on a page that are more likely to be looked up.

We also help gather and research user data. This tells us additional information about the living conditions of people, the demographic structure of a population, housing facilities preferred, and their likeliness to choose a hotel or any other hospitality business over other options present in a competitive market.

Data is the key to optimizing content and repurposing it regularly to match the trends, needs of your customers, and Google rankings.