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Client: White Indian Silver

Year: 2023

Timeframe: 1 Month

Main Service: Silver jewellery

Extra Service:

Return Over Investment: 100%

At White Indian Silver , jewellery is not a product but a manifestation of artistry and our exquisite range of jewel pieces strike the perfect balance between traditional charm and contemporary appeal.

Client: Lok Dharohar

Year: 2023

Timeframe: 1 Month

Main Service: Folk Dance Shows

Extra Service: Brand, Cultural Promotions, Events

Return Over Investment: 100%

Lok Dharohar “A surprisingly good turn of events for Rajasthani society artistes. As year 2019 came up with an unheard of pandemic circumstance which got a respite individual and expert existences of individuals exceptionally in existences of society artistes.

Lok Dharohar is a show which has been begun for and with the artist of Dharohar people dance show a long term initiators of a night show of for the travelers visiting Udaipur.

Dharohar has been working with a goal of advancing of Rajasthani people culture all around the world and 23 years, it has turned into an International character in the travel industry area. In 2021, for the endurance of society Antlers related with the group , People of Dharohar team started “Lok Dharohar”.

Client: Hello Dentist

Year: 2022

Timeframe: 1 Month

Main Service: Website Development

Extra Service: Website Development, Logo re-development, SEO

Return Over Investment: 90 %

Dr. Sandeep Jain specializes in Cancer Detection and is an esteemed Oral pathologist. With a BDS and an MDS, has worked professionally as an HoD and Professor at the Darshan Dental College to improve the quality of Hello Dentist.
As aware individuals, it is our responsibility to cater to every healthcare need that might arise. In such situations, Dr. Sandeep Jain is the choice people have made time and time again.
His contribution to Darshan Dental College is unmatched, meeting every requirement to lead the institution.


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