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We help you experience digital transformation. Leveraging modern approaches to website development, AppCrave brings front-end, back-end, and unique architecture to meet your business needs.

We build all types of applications that work for your users and business. From a complex enterprise platform and data storage, a responsive web app, to a marketing site, our web solutions function is different and function smoothly to deliver a consistent experience to users across all platforms.

We plan for the future state of your business. A successful, trusted web development strategy looks at not only what your business's technology footprint looks like today but also focuses on what you'd like it to look like in the future. Our solution architects and web developers work with you early in your Mentor Mate engagement to pinpoint precisely how you expect your business to evolve. Next, we outline a roadmap and identify technology's role in upgrading your business. All these steps are made done, and after that, web development starts.

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Web Design Company

We are here to help you. We can redesign and revamp your website and enhance it with speed and SEO optimization, enhancing your online presence.

Our project management process involves everything from beginning to end to deliver the project successfully. To achieve the desired objective, we first comprehend and plan based on the requirements, then rank the tasks in order of importance. Finally, we begin the execution with a well-structured process flow.

Our maintenance service can help you improve your website's design, features, outlook, and overall performance without needing a new one. Furthermore, our UI UX experts can also help you with suggestions on improving the user experience on an existing webpage. Hence, we can enhance your existing website without any issues.

Yes, we offer an SEO basic setup package that includes items like setting up metadata, tracking, and analyzing setup. Working on the SEO of the website is essential as it significantly brings in more traffic and conversions to your website.

Optimizing a website for SEO is one of the crucial steps to increase the possibility of getting many leads.

Your needs and requirements are understood first before building your website. We ensure to configure the most suitable domain name, hosting providers, customized design, and content. SEO and speed optimization are the main priorities while we build your website.

Yes, you can update your website once it is built. However, you may lose your online visibility in the search engine if you don't keep your website updated with fresh content.

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