The best professionals for your business

A team is made of several individuals with different targets working together for a common end goal. At AppCrave, this goal is to provide the best results for our clients no matter what. AppCrave stands tall today on the backs of our team of professionals including:

Prateek Sanganeria

Director and Founder

With a vast experience in Computer Science and an immitigable desire to explore all things tech, Prateek Sanganeria is an integral part of the AppCrave team, with a cool head on his shoulders and an answer to every problem. Prateek is well-versed in several technologies. He has been a consistent backbone for AppCrave and has expressed himself as a multitasker and strategic thinker. 

As the Principal Integrator of AppCrave, Prateek leads the team to success each and every day. Prateek has always stood firm as the team's best friend and continues to be an indispensable team member.

Suyash Ranawat

Senior Software Developer

Suyash Ranawat proves his dedication to his field of occupation with a B.Tech from the Vellore Institute of Technology followed by an M.Tech from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science. He has a stronghold on a variety of technologies. However, Suyash considers himself an evergreen learner and is always ready to master something new. 

As the Senior Software Developer at AppCrave, Suyash Ranawat has been an integral part of the team. He is a great addition to the team with his impeccable work ethic, especially in terms of punctuality and problem-solving. 

Nimisha Sharma

Software Developer

Nimisha Sharma has completed her B.Tech from Techno India NJR Institute of Technology. She is familiar with a variety of complex skills such as back-end web development, PHP frameworks, cascading style sheets, and PostgreSQL. 

Nimisha has been working as a part of the AppCrave team in the role of a Software Developer. As the youngest member of the team, what Nimisha Sharma lacks in occupational experience, she more than makes up for in her target-oriented approach and attention to detail. In her free time, Nimisha likes to travel.

Pushpendra Singh

Operations Manager

Meet our Operations Manager at AppCrave, the backbone of our organisation's smooth functioning - Pushpendra. With a wealth of experience in managing teams and projects, he is responsible for overseeing and optimising our daily operations to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity. From ensuring timely delivery of projects to streamlining processes, he is committed to achieving organisational goals and objectives. With a knack for problem-solving, he collaborates with other departments to develop strategies that drive growth and maintain customer satisfaction. A valuable member of our team, Pushpendra is passionate about delivering high-quality results and creating a positive work environment.

Shashank Sanganeria

Software Development Executive

Gaurav Sahitya

Software Development Executive